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Property Search Tools

How do you start your search for your organization’s new home? First, connect with us by sending an email detailing your unique needs, timeline and budget. Then, browse the links below for commercial listings in Indianapolis, Indiana.

*Requires subscription to access listings. Contact us to run a search for you!

Property Information by County

What is GIS? GIS stands for Geographic Information System, and is a tool used to store, analyze,  manage and manipulate valuable data which allows user-created searches to glean relevant data for your specific need. Links can be found below for each of the nine counties in the Indianapolis metro. To see how the GIS can be used to impact your organization, contact us!

Industry Links

For the latest on regulations, trends and certifications, explore the Real Estate Industry links below. Some links may require memberships and/or subscriptions to view the full content of the site.

Mortgage Rates

Interest rates fluctuate based on a number of variables. These resources can be used as a launching point for your next project. According to Value Penguin, the average Commercial Real Estate Loan Rate for 2018 is between 4 and 5%, but your rate will differ based on your qualifications as a borrower, what your project entails, the timeline of your project, and loan terms. O’Brien Commercial Real Estate has compiled a list of local lenders for your consideration.


Local News

Are you looking for more information on local news and updates? Check the links below for Indianapolis news, weather and more!